The MGE e.V is the bridge between Germany and Morocco.


He is since almost 10 Years successfully promoting the economic relations between Germany and Morocco one and is the first point of contact for Moroccan German economic issues for many companies.
Founded on the initiative of Moroccan decision makers and stakeholders of German economy. The registration of the MEG Association as a non-profit organization was carried out at the District Court in Kenitra/Morocco.


Our network


Due to its history and its commitment, the MGE has a top-class
entrepreneurial and institutional network in Morocco and Germany. As an integral part of the
global network of Moroccan industry- and the MGE, the Chambers of Commerce
Auspices of the General Union of Chambers of industry, Trade and Agriculture in Morocco,
the Federation of Moroccan industry- and chambers of commerce. In addition he works
Hand in hand with the Moroccan ministries and embassies, as well as industry- and
Business associations.
In Germany, the MGE cooperates with government institutions at the federal-
and country level and relevant German industry associations. These direct connections on
Economic and political level to enable the MGE, its members a wide range of
Portfolio of services of the highest quality to offer.