Objectives and tasks


The MGE Association pursues immediately idealistic purposes.

It promotes cooperation between Morocco and the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of trade, Industry, Finance and investment as well as understanding among Nations. Through high-profile events, Delegationsreisen, intercultural seminars, best possible conditions creating informative publications and reports from Morocco and Germany for german Moroccan economic activities.

Tailored to the specific needs and wishes of small and medium-sized enterprises advises and supports companies of MGE in the on- and expansion of
cross-border business relationships. But it provides useful information, expert advice, sets new impulses and links the member companies among themselves. The
Core tasks of the MGE thus lie in the areas of networking, Consulting and information and knowledge transfer. The MGE association is acting across all industries.


Events and Activities


Personal contacts are in Morocco in the first place. The Moroccan culture is a relationship-oriented culture, in becoming personally acquainted is first important. That's why
organized numerous events MGE, where can meet decision-makers and entrepreneurs from Morocco to German business partners and so socialize and maintain. The
Members benefit from reduced participation fees for events, but can actively shape. Many topics at the suggestion of the membership will be for
the programmes taken up. As part of the preparations or during events contacts between members and potential business partners are made


Delegations and trade fairs


For successful market penetration regular business trips are an important prerequisite. Participating in a trade mission or trade show, allowing a first observation of the market or. Making contact with potential customers or key decision makers and a presentation of its products and services in each others' markets. For this reason, MGE regularly organized for businessmen from both sides cross-sector or industry-specific trade missions and attends trade fairs in Morocco and in Germany. MGE supports companies with regard to their organizational fair participation, by, for example, to communicate with the exhibition organizer accepts, Submitted cost Cost Estimate, Stand areas conveys or. Organized Community registry.


Intercultural seminars


To secure transactions, be able to implement purposeful and successful in Morocco, are not only expertise, but also a sound cultural knowledge indispensable. This includes intercultural competence in terms of the expertise on regulatory frameworks, appropriate strategies for action, Contract negotiations and conflict management. For this reason, every year numerous seminars organized MGE with experienced experts on the subjects of law, New business development and intercultural communication.